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HDPE cosmetic bottles 30~200ml

HDPE cosmetic bottles 30~200ml

HDPE plastic bottles for cosmetic 30~200ml

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100ml plastic lotion bottle (FPE100-B)
This kind of lotion bottle is made in HDPE plastic, ideal for cosmetic and personal care industry..
150ml cosmetic plastic bottles(FPE150-B)
cosmetic plastic bottles, in capacity 150ml ,popular style in cosmetic and personal care industry..
2 OZ HDPE shampoo bottle(FPE60-A)
  Product Name 2 OZ HDPE shampoo b..
2 OZ HDPE skin cream bottle(FPE60-B)
  Product Name 2 OZ HDPE skin crea..
25ml skin cream bottle(FPE25-A)
  Product Name 25ml HDPE skin crea..
30ml HDPE cosmetic bottle(FPE30-A)
  Product Name 1OZ HDPE skin oil b..
30ml HDPE cosmetic bottle(FPE30-C)
  Product Name 1 oz HDPE cosmetic bottl..
30ml HDPE lotion bottle(FPE30-D)
  Product Name 1OZ HDPE lotion bot..
30ml HDPE shampoo bottles(FPE30-B)
  Product Name 1OZ HDPE shampoo bo..
35ml HDPE shampoo bottle(FPE35-B)
  Product Name 35ml HDPE shampoo b..
35ml HDPE skin oil bottle(FPE35-A)
  Product Name 35ml HDPE skin oil ..
4 oz packaging for cosmetics(120-A)
Ideal packaging for cosmetics, 120ml/4oz plastic bottle, suitable for gel, cream, lotion and etc...
60ml HDPE cosmetic bottle(FPE60-C)
  Product Name 60ml HDPE cosmetic bottle ..
Boston round PE bottle (FPE65-B, FPE120-G, FPE180-B, FPE270-B and FPE400-B)
PE bottle as one of our main products with different capacity and different shape. We have HDPE b..
cosmetic bottles and jars(FPET100-A)
Cosmetic bottles and jars are main competitive products of Fine Cosmetic Packaging Co. Ltd. T..
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