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Aluminum Cosmetic Bottles

Fine Cosmetic Packaging Co. Ltd. carry a series of aluminum bottles sepcial for cosmetic and personal care industries. They come with brushed surface and FDA approved inner coating. Customized color is availale. The neck sizes is 24/410 and 28/410, could match with our lotion pump,treatment pump,mist sprayer,trigger sprayer,aluminum screwing cap,plastc screwing cap and etc. Our aluminum bottles are idea packaging for cream,oil,perfume,gel and other liquids.

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aluminum bottle for cosmetic in 500ml 1. Capacity:500ml , diameter 65mm, height 180mm. Al..
aluminum bottle manufacturer(LV250-A)
Fine Cosmetic Packaging Co. Ltd. is leading aluminum bottle manufacturer in China. We recommend b..
aluminum bottle with pump for cosmetic in 100ml 1. Capacity:100ml , diameter 40mm, height 112..
aluminum bottle with sprayer in 250ml(LV250-B)
Aluminum bottle with sprayer for cosmetic in 250ml 1. Capacity:250ml , diameter 50mm, height ..
aluminum bottles for cosmetic in 300m(LV300-A)
Aluminum bottles for cosmetic in 300ml, details as below 1. Capacity:300ml , diameter 49mm, h..
Aluminum Bottles manufacturer from China(LV300-B)
Fine Cosmetic Packaging Co. Ltd. is a professional aluminum bottles manufacturer in China.  ..
Aluminum Cosmetic Bottle in 60ml, please see below details: 1. Capacity:60ml , diameter 35mm,..
Aluminum spray bottle for cosmetic in 120ml 1. Capacity:120ml , diameter 40mm, height 120mm. ..
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