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PET bottles series

PET bottles series are for cosmetic and personal care, including sprayer bottles,shampoo bottles,lotion bottles, etc. They comes in the same shape and different size, perfect for series product packing.

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4oz and 8oz cylinder PET bottle (FPET125-B & FPET250-O)
Cylinder PET bottle with aluminum pump,aluminium disc cap, high quality, high transparent, good f..
Electric Mosquito Refill Liquid Bottle for Mosquito Repellent 40ml
Product Name: Electric Mosquito Refill Liquid Bottle for Mosquito Repellent Material: PET Bod..
PET bottles Series 02
PET bottles PET bottles Series 02 ..
PET bottles Series 03
PET bottles PET bottles Series 03 ..
PET bottles Series 04
PET bottles PET bottles Series 04 ..
PET bottles Series 05
PET bottles PET bottles Series 05 ..
PET bottles Series 06
PET bottles PET bottles Series 06 ..
PET bottles Series 07-lotion bottles
PET lotion bottle series, capacity in 2 oz, 4 oz and 5 oz, high quality products with 100% pure o..
PET bottles Series 08
PET bottles PET bottles Series 08 ..
PET bottles Series 09
PET bottles PET bottles Series 09 ..
PET bottles Series 10
PET bottles PET bottles Series 10 ..
PET bottles Series 11
PET bottles PET bottles Series 11 ..
PET bottles Series 12-Water Drop
Unique PET shampoo bottle comes! Inspired by the water drop, Fine Cosmetic Packaging develope..
PET bottles Series 13-square lotion bottle
PET lotion bottle series, are high quality PET bottles in 100% pure original PET plastic mat..
PET lotion bottles series 01
PET lotion bottles series, capacity range 65ml, 125ml, 250ml.  PET bottle lotion bottle ..
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